Reddy Kancharla Talks About The Trends To Expect In The Construction Industry In The Future

Much like all the other sectors, the real estate industry would also find itself being radically digitized in the future. Reddy Kancharla mentions that while technology adoption might be a bit slower for real estate in comparison to several other domains, large scale use of digital tools and methods is going to become the norm in this industry. In fact, real estate construction industry is already witnessing many changes and improvements due to the updated regulations for safety and sustainability, as well as shrinking project deadlines.

Every year new trends appear in the construction industry, related to technological advancements, a stronger focus on sustainability and so on. Reddy Kancharla mentions that to stay ahead in the game, it is important for all construction company professionals to be adequately aware of the emerging trends that could prepare them for the future, and take proactive steps to incorporate them into their operations. Mr. Kancharla has been working in the construction industry for more than two decades, and hence has witnessed the adoption of several new trends in the domain first-hand. Most of these trends have been focused on construction work more efficient and easier.

Here are some of the prime trends that one would witnesses in the construction industry in the future according to Reddy Kancharla:

  • More technological integration:  Quite obviously, consistent technological advancement is expected to be among the biggest trends in the domain. Recently, several technological solutions have come up that are highly suited for construction, such as drones and 3D printing.  Both of these technologies can make construction work easier and safer. While 3D printing can aid to ensure that each material is of the perfect size, drones can help in making sure that all materials are placed correctly. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is another form of technology that people can expect to see more of in the construction industry. This technology can assist in making the collaboration aspect of construction a lot easier.
  • Increase in prefabrication and modular construction projects: Over the last couple of years, both of these techniques are gaining prominence. They are energy efficient and cost-effective methods, which make them ideal for the current times when material prices are on the rise. With the assistance of hot melt adhesives and the overall ease of design, the actual construction procedure of buildings becomes much faster. Hence, it won’t be a surprise if pop-up buildings and prefabricated homes in the near future are seen more commonly across the world in the near future.
  • Focus on sustainability: To appeal to the modern, young environmentally conscious individuals, construction companies are putting more emphasis on sustainability. A lot more sustainable practices and materials are expected to become a part of the construction industry, to meet up the desires of contemporary customers.

These were some of the major types of trends that are expected to be seen in the construction industry.

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