In today’s internet age, online portals are gaining growing recognition. These may be travel portals, online shopping portals, and social networking portals and so on. This is because of its 24×7 hours accessibility and advanced search modules. Internet has brought the entire world on the same virtual platform for interaction. It has actualized the meaning of term globalization of the economy in real sense by facilitating easy and fast online interaction among the people sitting in different countries across the world. This interaction could be with business motive as well as personal motive.

Every company wants a global vision and wills B2b travel portal to expand their business up to a global level. They want to widen the market for their products. They can adopt internet marketing strategies to get an access to global market.

On the similar stock market is also not lagging behind. Stock market is having a very prominent position in world market and so it also adheres to latest marketing strategy by being online. This way people from anywhere in the world can access to this market anytime. This way this market also derives all the benefits linked with internet.

Here again the broker’ role is significant. Now these brokers can be contacted online and they would then help you to open online trading accounts. The importance of broker is the same as in the real stock market. He guides the investor about the investment decisions through online interaction or telephones. In today’s busy world this is very helpful because people face a dearth of time to such an extent that they are not able to spare sufficient time for their personal life.

Now since the transaction is online, so payment mode is also online via credit cards. This means you can pay the broker’s fees by using credit cards. He has the full knowledge of market and is a mediator between the investors and the companies. His valuable advice acts as a security to your money for which you are paying very nominal fees. Your basic knowledge combined with the practical and elaborate knowledge of the broker would help you to draw high dividends from your investment. The broker’s effective strategy for online stock trading in coordination with the various companies help enables smooth working of this market online. And the potential investors would also gain confidence in online stock deals.