Joe Cianciotto Underlines The Important Principles of a Good Presentation Design

Presentation design is a small niche within the domain of graphic design, but it is getting larger with every passing day. Joe Cianciotto mentions that attractive and informative presentations are an important component of the modern corporate domain, which contributes to the growing popularity of this field. A good presentation would be able to bring ideas to life by weaving together a striking mix of storytelling techniques and visual aids that can effectively grab the attention of the audience and keep them engaged. Joe himself used to be a presentation designer, and hence has a good knowledge of this field.

Presentations have become an extremely important part of modern businesses. No matter whether they are presented in person, via a video call or even sent as an email attachment, presentations help in influencing several important business decisions. Joe Cianciotto points out whether a person is presenting an idea, tendering or sharing information, it is important that they make sure that their presentations are on brand and well-designed. Joe has a long experience of being a presentation designer, and has even worked with top agencies like include DDB, Publicis, and Translation. He recently has owned his own consultancy as well.

While incorporating attractive visuals in presentations is important, the ones that are too cluttered and overwhelming visually often end up confusing the audience.

Hence, Joe Cianciotto underlines a few principles that can help people to create good presentation designs:

  • Simple and easy to understand: Cramming too much content on each slide is one of the biggest presentation design errors. Extra information, effects and decoration on a slide can be extremely distracting, and hence it is always better to be subtle. Each slide should ideally have one main point that can be stated in the headline or the title.  The use of graphics and brand elements should be done smartly, to maintain the focus on the main point. . Similarly, animation should be used only to help the audience find and remember the main point. The number of words used in the slides would depend on whether the presentation shall be given live or would just be emailed.
  • Functional and user friendly: To remain functional, text, templates and other elements within a slide should be kept simple. Templates that are too complex would make it difficult for the company team to incorporate the needed content into the slides. Hence, people must allow their templates and presentation elements to be simple and let the content take the lead instead.
  • Visually appealing: Last but certainly not the least important factor to consider is to make sure that the presentation features an excellent, professional-level design.  Addressing an audience with an amateurish presentation is not acceptable in the contemporary corporate world. Using brand colors, high-quality graphics and more is vital for making the presentation truly attractive.

The points underlined above can go a long way in making business presentations that are highly impactful.

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